image001So last year we went over the top with makeup. Faces were painted lighter or darker than our actual skin tone till heads and bodies did not match. Eyebrows on Fleek till they almost touched the hairline, layer of lashes topped off with clumpy mascara and the list goes on.

This year let’s bring it back to basics. We are doing so much to look good and relying on makeup to make us feel complete.

Your Challenge…

After your shower, bath or deep cleanse go have a look at yourself in the mirror….

  • Are you lacking a natural brow?
  • Has your skin starting to look pale?
  • Are your eyelashes looking sparse?
  • Do you have a dark area under your eyes?
  • Can you see the skin tone being uneven?
  • Can you not get rid of the pimples?
  • Is there blackheads, dry patches or red blotches?
  • Whatever problems you see are you ready to correct them?   

Leave your eyebrows to grow now don’t get me wrong they may look a bit wild for a short spell but they will look better in the long run. I suggest plucking the tail end of the eyebrow to help define the brow. As the brow starts to grow and get thicker the more you may pluck under the brow pluck as minimum as possible though just a few strands. In the meantime fill in the brow with a pencil in a soft brush stroke motion. Alternatively, you may use a brown eyeshadow and a small tapered brush.

Time to buff the skin….

Buy a pair of exfoliation gloves and PH balanced soap Dove is a great one to use. Wet the gloves and lather the soap in them an apply to the face. In small circular motion rub around the face playing great detail to the chin area, the crease besides the nose and where ever you have pimples and blackheads. Do not be alarmed if you find when washing the gloves out that the water will be dirty. This is old skin cells, old make up you thought you had washed off and oil from greasy skin.

Hydrate the eyes

As we age around the eye area changes and you will notice dark patches, puffy eyes and crow’s feet. To help these areas looking refreshed try the old fashion cucumber on the eyes. Also, try stores for gel form creams that contain witch hazel and cucumber, another suggestion is using eye whitening drops.

Complex complexion?

Most of us will find that out complexion has several tones. We may be darker on the forehead and around the hair line and lighter on the cheekbones but everyone is different. The same suggestion to uses around the eyes can be used on the face. There is also multiple amount of serums on the market specifically designed for your skin needs, Bobby Brown Cosmetics do a good range.

Runaway Eyelashes

The more eyelashes enhancement we use the more we lose our lashes especially if they are not being taken off correctly. Use a mild eye cleansers and cotton pads to wipe away eyelash strip glues. With your eyes closed use soft down and away motion to wipe away any eyeshadow, mascara and glue. Keep doing this until the eyelash strip comes away and continue to clean until cotton pads are clean. If you are considering on rocking your natural lashes but need a them to look thicker then may I suggest a volume mascara. Find one with the brush bristle are very close together these brushes tend to get every lash even the tiny ones in the inner corner of the eye. A good trick is to apply mascara to the front and the back of the lash wait couple minutes and apply again. Word of warning some cheaper brands tend to clump up and make the lashes cakey so your best bet is by trial and error until you find the right one for you.

What I have informed you of are just suggestion but you may find other way that best suit you. I am a makeup lover but we are relying too much on makeup these days. The more we do to correct our skins imperfection the less makeup we need to perfect our makeup looks, plus makeup was designed to enhance what we already have which is natural beauty. So the next time you apply your makeup just remember less is more.

So your foundation is not sitting well on your face like it used too. This could be down to several things:

1, If you have just returned of your holidays where the climate was either hot or cold then this could course for your complexion to change. Depending on where you went your skin may go darker or lighter. Now that you are home your skin will take time even out so no need to throw your foundation away. Alternatively you cannot wait that long and you have gone darker then buy a cheaper brand. I would not waste money buying a foundation at a cost £28 and more for it not to be used again after 2-3 weeks. If you have lovely friends and family that may give you a bit of theirs until you skin is back to normal.

If your complexion has gone lighter from a holiday or cold weather then use a lighter concealer with your foundation and blend into the face well. Illamasqua have great blendable concealers and used with a beauty blender will create a perfect finish.

2, If you have recently been unwell this could also change your complexion. When pinching those cheeks won’t help then follow the steps above and use a bronzer to create some more radiance and a peachy blusher. Goodbye zombie ….hello glow and radiance.
3. Your brushes or applicator is dirty……yuck. For personal use clean your brushes 1-2 times a month. Sponges or puffs throw them away. Buy multi packs of them and make a saving even Pound stores sell them now. Some people have never cleaned their brushes and what happens is product continues to build up in the fibres as well as bacteria. Think about it say you broke out in a rash and prior to this you have been using your brushes then the beginnings of the outbreak is now in your brushes. When you are well again them brushes still have the virus.

4. Your foundation could be out of date. I have come across a few makeup bags in my time to see and smell that products were more than ready to say bye-bye.


The symbol above is what lets you know how long to keep your product. I the dates could vary from 6 – 24 months. It can be found either on the box or on the product itself. Put a reminder in your phone calendar when to purchase the next one


Normal Skin
You are the lucky ones you can wear what you like cream, liquid or powder.

Dry Skin
Look for BB Creams as they have hydrating properties. Try Sleek or Revlon

Oily Skin
Try a mousse cream like Maybelline or powders, I love Sleek powders and my favourite Illamasqua. They are lightweight products that will not give you that “I am melting” look.

Combination Skin
Very tricky as you are dry in some areas and oily in others. Try a light liquid foundation and the press powder over the oily areas.

Sensitive Skin
You need hypoallergenic foundation meaning you need to use products that won’t break out your skin and the products with vitamins to help you. Try Nars, Clinique, Chanel, Bare Minerals and Bourjois.

Ok so Wedding Season is upon us and the bookings for organgised brides will have already been secured but every year I get the last minute call which is always they same. It a bride who does not wear makeup and after a good deal of coaching have been told to get their makeup done for the special day. What had usually happened then the bride has left it until the week of the wedding to try and find a mua.

Ladies for all that do not know you need to book your mua in advance for several reasons and what to expect and why.

  1. From July onwards is a busy period for weddings and nowadays it is not just the bride that wants to have her makeup done by a pro on the day. I have been is situation where the bridal party have come to the hotel room where the bride, bridesmaids and brides mother is being done and a guest has being family or friend has now decided that they also wish to be done.
  2. There should be a good deal of research for the right mua a several muas if you have a big wedding party. You need to check their work prior to meeting and get quotes before you book a trial.
  3. The importance of a trial prior to the wedding day is because a look would have been decided upon after trying several looks that make the bride feel comfortable and confident in wearing. Therefore on the special day the mua can get in do their job within a time frame because they may have additional appointments after and they do not have the time to go through additional looks.
  4. Expect to be asked to pay for a non refundable deposit. The reason why you may be asked for this is because many muas get clients that just mess around. They call for a quote with how many people tell you the address meet them at and the date you may throw in a discount if the party is a good number of people they are happy with everything you said then a week prior they cancel because their friend is going to do the makeup instead. Well in the meantime of booking that time and date a mua would have to decline other clients the same time and date so we find that genuine booking do not hesitate to pay because they know they really do want the service.
  5. Before the mua has arrived place all free walking pets outside. It is not hygienic to have your cat or dog walking, licking or tugging on our makeup kit.
  6. Also keep smoking to outside the house as whether or not we smoke we cannot afford or go to our next client with the smell of smoke on out hair or clothes.
  7. Set up an area for us to work in with good lighting and space to manoeuvre.
  8. Please be ready for your makeup to be done. I have had situations where clients are not home yet and did not call to reschedule, popped to the supermarket or are about to pop In the shower as I am pulling up in their drive. Take into consideration muas have a life too. If we are not making people look beautiful we have families too therefore a time has been arranged for a reason we have children to get to football or ballet classes and errands to do.

Anything you would like me to discuss or should be a topic then feel free to email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..