Ok so Wedding Season is upon us and the bookings for organgised brides will have already been secured but every year I get the last minute call which is always they same. It a bride who does not wear makeup and after a good deal of coaching have been told to get their makeup done for the special day. What had usually happened then the bride has left it until the week of the wedding to try and find a mua.

Ladies for all that do not know you need to book your mua in advance for several reasons and what to expect and why.

  1. From July onwards is a busy period for weddings and nowadays it is not just the bride that wants to have her makeup done by a pro on the day. I have been is situation where the bridal party have come to the hotel room where the bride, bridesmaids and brides mother is being done and a guest has being family or friend has now decided that they also wish to be done.
  2. There should be a good deal of research for the right mua a several muas if you have a big wedding party. You need to check their work prior to meeting and get quotes before you book a trial.
  3. The importance of a trial prior to the wedding day is because a look would have been decided upon after trying several looks that make the bride feel comfortable and confident in wearing. Therefore on the special day the mua can get in do their job within a time frame because they may have additional appointments after and they do not have the time to go through additional looks.
  4. Expect to be asked to pay for a non refundable deposit. The reason why you may be asked for this is because many muas get clients that just mess around. They call for a quote with how many people tell you the address meet them at and the date you may throw in a discount if the party is a good number of people they are happy with everything you said then a week prior they cancel because their friend is going to do the makeup instead. Well in the meantime of booking that time and date a mua would have to decline other clients the same time and date so we find that genuine booking do not hesitate to pay because they know they really do want the service.
  5. Before the mua has arrived place all free walking pets outside. It is not hygienic to have your cat or dog walking, licking or tugging on our makeup kit.
  6. Also keep smoking to outside the house as whether or not we smoke we cannot afford or go to our next client with the smell of smoke on out hair or clothes.
  7. Set up an area for us to work in with good lighting and space to manoeuvre.
  8. Please be ready for your makeup to be done. I have had situations where clients are not home yet and did not call to reschedule, popped to the supermarket or are about to pop In the shower as I am pulling up in their drive. Take into consideration muas have a life too. If we are not making people look beautiful we have families too therefore a time has been arranged for a reason we have children to get to football or ballet classes and errands to do.

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