So your foundation is not sitting well on your face like it used too. This could be down to several things:

1, If you have just returned of your holidays where the climate was either hot or cold then this could course for your complexion to change. Depending on where you went your skin may go darker or lighter. Now that you are home your skin will take time even out so no need to throw your foundation away. Alternatively you cannot wait that long and you have gone darker then buy a cheaper brand. I would not waste money buying a foundation at a cost £28 and more for it not to be used again after 2-3 weeks. If you have lovely friends and family that may give you a bit of theirs until you skin is back to normal.

If your complexion has gone lighter from a holiday or cold weather then use a lighter concealer with your foundation and blend into the face well. Illamasqua have great blendable concealers and used with a beauty blender will create a perfect finish.

2, If you have recently been unwell this could also change your complexion. When pinching those cheeks won’t help then follow the steps above and use a bronzer to create some more radiance and a peachy blusher. Goodbye zombie ….hello glow and radiance.
3. Your brushes or applicator is dirty……yuck. For personal use clean your brushes 1-2 times a month. Sponges or puffs throw them away. Buy multi packs of them and make a saving even Pound stores sell them now. Some people have never cleaned their brushes and what happens is product continues to build up in the fibres as well as bacteria. Think about it say you broke out in a rash and prior to this you have been using your brushes then the beginnings of the outbreak is now in your brushes. When you are well again them brushes still have the virus.

4. Your foundation could be out of date. I have come across a few makeup bags in my time to see and smell that products were more than ready to say bye-bye.


The symbol above is what lets you know how long to keep your product. I the dates could vary from 6 – 24 months. It can be found either on the box or on the product itself. Put a reminder in your phone calendar when to purchase the next one